Cabling 4D new release 2022

The new 2022 release of CABLING 4D will be available shortly

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CABLING 4D, with the new 2022 version, focuses more and more on the design of the harness as a tool for the correct design of a system. The constant increase in the electrical / electronic / software sector defines an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Strategically, to be successful in this business, it becomes essential to make use of valid design tools for the study of possible innovative solutions and to produce appropriate documentation.

Electric design, which for several decades has been alongside mechanical design, now plays a central role, surpassing it in complexity and articulation. CABLING 4D is the solution to automate the design and to add to the drawings a lot of information about the system and the usages that the harnesses interconnect.

Without adequate documentation on the design of the harnesses, the initial assembly, and subsequently the maintenance on the systems, is more difficult and expensive.

The quantity of components linked to the electrical / electronic sector is increasingly numerous: sensors, control units, devices, cards, etc., all connected to each other in a synergistic and reliable way, creating specific technical needs that until now no one assumed.
Our mission, which is reflected in the market in which we operate, is first of all to focus on the quality of the electrical design and subsequently on the engineering of the system cables/harnesses. Present and future of the harness are “interconnected” in a continuous learning system that generates innovation and process optimization.
Importance makes a project necessary!

CAD.Able, always in contact with the design departments, continues its development strategy of CABLING 4D by responding in an innovative way to current and future design needs, also in terms of reliability and time. This vision of ours, supported by the feedback from our customers, we trust is the right direction for the electrical sector.

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Cabling 4D new release 2022
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