Racing Team of 'Politecnico'

CAD.Able continues the cooperation with the Racing Team of the 'Politecnico' University of Turin that got a third position in the Formula SAE Italy competition for electric cars, wich took place at Varano de' Melegari (Parma) on 23rd July.

The third position of the only electric Italian car in the competition follows those of the top teams of Stuttgart and Ravensburg. The result is particularly important as it was the first competition the Team took part in and is a proof of their great work.

The excellent result is a further motivation to prepare for the next competitions in the calendar (Czech Republic and Spain) in order to be ready for the challenges ahead.

The partial results for the Team were as follow:
  • skid pad 1st
  • autocross 2nd
  • acceleration 3rd
  • design 5th
  • cost 6th
  • presentation 8th
CAD.Able have the pleasure to support the Team by supplying the software for the electrical design CABLING 4D, and are extremely proud of the Team’s success. To the Team go our best wishes to continue along the same winning track
The CAD.Able logo can be seen among those of the sponsors.

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Racing Team of 'Politecnico' University of Turin

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