Jacket strips of Cables

CABLING 4D has implemented a new system to define the jacket strips of multipolar cables and moulded cables.
With this system you can create TABLE CONFORMATION CABLES output even more precise and detailed than before.
This new option will be introduced in CABLING 2016 but the owners of version 2015 will require activation by now.
Until now the jacked strip were calculated automatically by CABLING, but were not solved particular cases. Now the system continue to use the previous method but you can 'force' the value of jacked strip desired.
The system works differently depending on multipolar cable or moulded cable: in the first case you can set the value of jacked strip on both sides of the cable respect two selected groups, in the second you can set the value of jacket strip remaining respect the group moulded cable selected.
We remember that the output Table Conformation Cables can display a lot of information and in particular the overall length, jacket strips and, in parentheses, the lengths of the individual conductors outside the jacket strip.
CABLING 4D continues to offer new solutions to improve the industrialization of what is drawn: the output generated are among the most complete for companies that need to document and build cables and harnesses.

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